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Why Choose Tenorisk?

Driven by three Tenets of execution, Tenorisk delivers consistent, relevant, and quantitative impacts.

01. Our Creed

Understand current state. Context is critical to defining the problem to be solved.  Tenorisk is guided by power of inquiry, intuition, and analysis to understand your unique business state.

Discover risks. Risks are not bad in and of itself, just uncertainties. Tenorisk leverages various strategy, risk, and facilitating techniques to ensure the right risks have been identified for your specific business.

Communicate opportunities and threats. Risks can lead to threats or opportunities. Tenorisk uses data and dollars to communicate what opportunities to exploit and threats to avoid.

02. Our Approach

We take a macro-to-micro business approach to IT consulting. We use our aptitude of understanding new technology trends to discover new business opportunities and threats. Tenorisk understands the context of your technology strategy.

03. Our Assets

We build the right team to deliver consistent quality results. Tenorisk believes strong internal development and feedback processes are crucial to bringing external client success. We deliver a team of consultants attuned to your needs and specific metrics.

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